Welcome to my little spot on the web, where you can learn more about what I can offer you as an iOS Developer and turn your ideas into a working app, whether you’re a small startup looking to setup your minimum viable product (MVP) or a larger company looking to add a hard worker to your established team.

Maybe you’re looking for someone to brainstorm design concepts and flesh out the features you’re looking for. I enjoy discussion about the possibilities of a new app, from the initial drawings and lists of what’s needed, to seeing it grow into a fully working product.

My previous experience in administration, customer care, and design, have given me and edge on seeing the larger picture for a project. As well as the end goal of any app, to not just be pushed to the App Store, but also to gain an audience for it as well, with the goal of making a connection with people.

In my spare time, I love playing video games and do my very best to combine my passions for photography, cycling, and hiking.