Find a blank book

It doesn’t have to be expensive, fancy or large, but find a blank book.

But find a blank book.

Then find a spot to sit, anywhere is good, but a place none the less to think.

Bring music, bring coffee, bring a friend if you really need that too.

But find a blank book.

Here’s the hard part, you’re not going to write about fiction, or fact.

Truths or Lies.

You’re just going to look at yourself, and this part is going to be oh so difficult.

You need to write down all your hopes, challenges and dreams.

The negatives, the failures, the ugly.

Just make sure the book is blank when you start.

Write it all out, take minutes, hours, days.

But not weeks or months, just keep writing.

Kill a few pens, kill a few more.

And then when you have it all down.

Then, and only then, start making a plan to change what you don’t like.

Because everyone changes, whether you realize it or not, whether you keep track or not.

The only difference is, are you surviving, or thriving.

Growing, or receding.

That’s on you.

Just find a blank book.